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18 October 2018
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Australian films at the local box office in 2006

12 January 2007

Australian films earned a total of $40 million or 4.6 per cent of the total 2006 box office of $866.6 million.

The highest-earning Australian title was George Miller's Golden Globe-nominated animation Happy Feet with $11.1 million in box office takings in the six days following Christmas. The AFI and IF Award-winning comedy Kenny followed with $7.6 million. A further four Australian films - Jindabyne, Ten Canoes, Kokoda and Boytown - took more than $3 million each.

"2006 has been a good year for Australian films with the local box office share up on the previous three years," said Acting Chief Executive of the Australian Film Commission, Chris Fitchett. "Last year's batch of films demonstrate that Australian filmmakers continue to create works that resonate with both Australian audiences and cinema-goers around the world, with Happy Feet earning over US$320 million worldwide to date and Rolf de Heer's AFI award-winning Ten Canoes also taking out the Special Jury Prize at Cannes."

The top six Australian films in 2006 in terms of Australian box office gross were:
FilmRelease DateDistributorBox Office
1Happy Feet26 DecemberRoadshow$11.1m
2 Kenny 17 August Madman$7.6m
3 Jindabyne 20 July Roadshow $5.3m
4 Ten Canoes 29 June Palace $3.3m
5 Kokoda 20 April Palace $3.1m
6 Boytown 19 October Roadshow $3.1m
Source: MPDAA; figures are to 31/12/06 as reported on 10/01/07.

Joel Pearlman, Managing Director, Roadshow Films, said the performance of Happy Feet at the Australian box office has been extraordinary. "Since its release on Boxing Day, it has grossed almost $22 million to date, and has been at number one. The film has also been tremendously successful in the US and throughout the rest of the international territories where it has been released so far."

Greg Smith, Animal Logic's Director of Public Affairs, reiterated Mr Pearlman's sentiments. "Animal Logic is delighted that Happy Feet has been accepted so widely both here and internationally," he said. "It speaks to everyone, and that has been really satisfying. We are grateful for the opportunity given to us by Kennedy Miller and the faith and confidence that they, Village Roadshow and Warner Bros had in our ability to rise to the challenge. Projects like Happy Feet are essential for giving Australian talent the exposure and experience to be world class."

Speaking on the box office success of Kenny, Anna McLeish, Theatrical Distribution Manager for Madman Cinema, said, "Kenny's message of decency, laced with humour and affection, appealed to all ages and cross-sections of the population. Madman is thrilled with a box office result beyond our expectations; it's always fantastic to see Australians support independent cinema but particularly when it's home-grown."

Garry Charny, Executive Chairman, and Philippa Bateman, Chief Executive Officer at April Films said they were delighted with the success of Jindabyne. "It is a credit not only to director Ray Lawrence, but the whole team at April Films. It is also significant that the film was funded by private equity - investors prepared to treat Australian film as an asset class like any other, measuring risk, reward and sound management."

Julie Ryan, producer of Ten Canoes, said, "It was always the intent of the Ramingining community for Ten Canoes to be widely seen so they could share their culture with both an Indigenous and non-Indigenous audience. So everyone was very pleased that the film found an audience in cinemas across Australia. I think it was a particularly good year for Australian films because of the diversity of the stories told in each film. Hopefully this trend will continue well into 2007, as I think diversity is a key strength to our film industry."

Speaking on the commercial success of Kokoda, producer Leesa Kahn said, "We set out to tell a story that would connect with an Australian audience and we are really happy with the box office result. Kokoda definitely struck a chord with audiences and continues to do great DVD business - another indicator that it is a story people wanted to see."

"This year's box office result is great to see and the Government's ongoing support will enable the industry to grow and lift the local share even further," said Chris Fitchett. "Increasing the amount of private finance also available to producers is essential to increase the number of local films made and we welcome the close attention the Federal Government is giving to this issue in the current review."

Australian films' share of the box office 1997-2006:
Year Total box office in Australia ($m)Australian films' box office gross ($m)Australian films' box office share (%)
1997 583.9 28.44.9
1998 629.3 25.64.0
1999 704.1 21.1 3.0
2000 689.5 54.2 7.9
2001 812.4 63.4 7.8
2002 844.8 41.8 4.9
2003 865.8 30.3 3.5
2004 907.2 11.9 1.3
2005 817.5 23.1 2.8
2006 866.6 40.0 4.6
Source: AFC analysis of MPDAA data
For results back to 1977 see Get the Picture

A list of forthcoming Australian films is below.

What are the upcoming Australian films?

Australian films due for release in 2007 include:

  • All My Friends are Leaving Brisbane A romantic comedy with Charlotte Gregg, Matthew Zeremes, Ryan Johnson, Cindy Nelson, Gyton Grantley, Romany Lee and Sarah Kennedy. (Writer: Stephen Vagg; Director: Louise Alston; Producers: Louise Alston, Jade Van der Lei)
  • Black Water A psychological drama with Diana Glenn, Maeve Dermody, Andy Rodoreda, Ben Oxenbould and Fiona. (Writers: Andrew Traucki, David Nerlich; Director: Andrew Traucki; Producer: Michael Robertson)
  • Bra Boys, The A feature documentary about the Board Riders Association, the surfing group centred around Sydney's Maroubra beach. Featuring Koby Abberton, Sonny Abberton, Jai Abberton and narrated by Russell Crowe. (Director: Sonny Abberton)
  • Clubland A family love story/ a drama/ a sexual coming-of-age comedy with Brenda Blethyn, Rebecca Gibney, Khan Chittenden, Emma Booth, Richard Wilson, Philip Quast, Katie Wall and Russell Dykstra. (Writer: Keith Thompson; Director: Cherie Nowlan; Producer: Rosemary Blight)
  • Death Defying Acts An Australia/UK co-production drama starring Guy Pearce, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Timothy Spall and Soairse Ronan. (Writers: Tony Grisoni, Brian Ward; Director: Gillian Armstrong; Producers: Marian Macgowan, Chris Curling)
  • December Boys A drama with Daniel Radcliffe, Christian Byers, Lee Cormie, James Fraser, Sullivan Stapleton, Victoria Hill, Teresa Palmer and Jack Thompson. (Writer: Marc Rosenberg; Director: Rod Hardy; Producer: Richard Becker)
  • Garth Method, The A comedy with Gregory Pakis, Katrina Baylis, Scott Terrill, Jamie Unicomb, Sam Nisiforou and Michael Gilberto. (Writer/Director: Gregory Pakis; Producers: Gregory Pakis, Paul Dowie)
  • Gone An Australian/UK co-production with Amelia Warner, Shaun Evans and Scott Mechlowicz. (Writers: Andrew Upton, James Watkins; Director: Ringan Ledwidge; Producers: Nira Park, Deborah Balderstone)
  • Hey, Hey It's Esther Blueburger A comedy with Toni Collette, Keisha Castle-Hughes, Danielle Catanzariti, Essie Davis, Christian Byers and Russell Dykstra. (Writer/Director: Cathy Randall; Producer: Miriam Stein)
  • Home Song Stories, The A drama with Joan Chen, Qi Yuwu, Joel Lok, Irene Chen, Steve Vidler and Kerry Walker. (Writer/Director: Tony Ayres; Producers: Michael McMahon, Liz Watts)
  • Lake Mungo A drama with Rosie Traynor, David Pledger, Martin Sharpe, Talia Zucker, Steve Jodrell, Judith Roberts and Robin Cuming. (Writer/Director: Joel Anderson; Producers: Georgie Nevile, David Rapsey)
  • Left Ear A comedy with Lech Mackiewicz, Helena Malczewska, Clare Mackey and Andrea Moor. (Writer: Lech Mackiewicz; Director: Andrew Wholley; Producers: Clare Mackey, Andrew Wholley, Lech Mackiewicz)
  • Night A feature documentary featuring Australian nightscapes. (Writer: Lawrence Johnston; Director: Lawrence Johnston; Producers: Lizzette Atkins, Lawrence Johnston)
  • Noise A drama with Brendan Cowell, Maia Thomas, Henry Nixon, Nicholas Bell, Luke Elliot, Fiona McCleod, Simon Laherty and Maude Davey. (Writer/Director: Matthew Saville; Producer: Trevor Blainey)
  • Puppy A drama with Nadia Townsend, Bernard Curry, Terry Donovan, Sally Bull, Susan Ellis and Andy McPhee. (Writer/Director: Kieran Galvin; Producers: Melissa Beauford, Kieran Galvin)
  • Ravenswood A drama with Travis Fimmel, Teresa Palmer and Stephen Moyer. (Writer: Dave Warner; Director: David Denneen; Producers: Anna Fawcett, Mark Lazarus, Todd Fellman)
  • Razzle Dazzle: A Journey into Dance A comedy with Kerry Armstrong, Ben Miller, Nadine Garner and Denise Roberts. (Writers: Robin Ince, Carolyn Wilson; Director: Darren Ashton; Producers: Jodi Matterson, Andrena Finlay)
  • Rogue A thriller with Michael Vartan, Radha Mitchell, Sam Worthington and Stephen Curry. (Writer/Director: Greg McLean; Producers David Lightfoot, Greg McLean)
  • Romulus, My Father A drama with Eric Bana, Franka Potente, Marton Csokas, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Russell Dykstra and Jacek Koman. (Writer: Nick Drake, Raimond Gaita; Director Richard Roxburgh; Producers: John Maynard, Robert Connolly)
  • Ten Empty A drama with Geoff Morrell, Daniel Frederiksen,Tom Budge, Jack Thompson, Brendan Cowell and Lucy Bell. (Writers: Brendan Cowell, Anthony Hayes; Director: Anthony Hayes; Producer: Naomi Wenck)
  • West A drama with Khan Chittenden, Nathan Phillips, Michael Dorman, Gillian Alexy, David Field, Tim McCunn and Anthony Hayes. (Writer/Director: Daniel Krige; Producers: Anne Robinson, Matthew Reeder)

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