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18 October 2018
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Australian films at the box office in 2005

24 January 2006

Australian films earned a total of $23.1 million in 2005, or 2.8 per cent of the total box office of $817.5 million.

Six Australian films took more than $2 million each: Wolf Creek, Little Fish, Look Both Ways, Oyster Farmer, The Proposition and Hating Alison Ashley. Wolf Creek, the no. 1 local title, earned $5.8 million.

Australian Film Commission Chief Executive Kim Dalton noted that the result was good news given the size of Australia's feature output. "The Australian feature film industry is relatively small, with only 32 local titles screening in a total market of 430 films. We need to be realistic about the share of box office Australian films can achieve. It's good news that a significant number of local titles were well received by Australian audiences last year."

US films accounted for 54 per cent of films screening and 81 per cent of box office.

Films screening included a total of 329 titles released in 2005 and 101 released in previous years, mostly 2004. Of the 2005 new releases, 27 were Australian.

The top 5 Australian films in 2005 in terms of box office gross were:
FilmRelease DateDistributorBox Office
1Wolf Creek3 NovemberRoadshow$5.8 million
2Little Fish8 SeptemberIcon$3.7 million
3Look Both Ways18 AugustDendy/Footprint $2.8 million
4 Oyster Farmer (Aust/UK) 30 JuneBecker/Sherman$2.4 million
5The Proposition (Aust/UK) 6 OctoberSony $2.2 million
Source: MPDAA; figures are to 31/12/05 as reported on 23/01/06

Greg McLean, producer, director and writer, said of his no. 1 film Wolf Creek, "I feel very proud of the film and of all the people involved in getting it to that position. Looking back over 2005 is pretty exciting because when we started Wolf Creek there was no other Australian film even in production, and this year, so many great and diverse movies came out. To me that's a good sign of a healthy industry. However I believe that as a producer you ultimately just make what you'd like to see and then hope like hell other people connect with the story as passionately as you have."

Speaking on the commercial success of Look Both Ways, producer Bridget Ikin said, "It's been wonderful to see several Australian films hold their own so strongly theatrically over the last year. Look Both Ways has had such a strong and positive response from audiences all over the country - but I really think that being one of the cluster of well-received Australian films released in 2005 also contributed to its success at the box office."

Vincent Sheehan, producer of Little Fish, also believes the Australia film industry has much to celebrate. "It's been a great year, not just because of the Little Fish box office result but because it felt like we got our National Cinema back.

I believe people want to see films that are about something and with films like The Proposition, Look both Ways and Wolf Creek all doing well, there was a healthy competition and debate out there - you couldn't see one film without seeing the others."

For Australian films' share of the box office back to 1977 see Get the Picture

Forthcoming Australian films

A number of Australian features are currently in the pipeline, including:

  • Book of Revelation, an erotic mystery with Tom Long, Greta Scacchi, Colin Friels, Anna Torv and Deborah Mailman. (Writers: Andrew Bovell and Ana Kokkinos; Director: Ana Kokkinos; Producer: Al Clark)
  • Boytown, a comedy with Mick Molloy and Glenn Robbins. (Writers: Mick Molloy and Richard Molloy; Director: Kevin Carlin; Producers: Mick Molloy and Greg Sitch)
  • Candy, starring Heath Ledger, Abbie Cornish and Academy Award winner Geoffrey Rush. (Writers: Neil Armfield and Luke Davies; Director: Neil Armfield; Producers: Margaret Fink and Emile Sherman)
  • Caterpillar Wish, a drama starring Wendy Hughes and Susie Porter (Writer/Director: Sandra Sciberras; Producer: Kate Whitbread)
  • Death Defying Acts, an Australia/UK co-production drama starring Guy Pearce and Rachel Weisz. (Writers: Tony Grisoni and Brian Ward; Director: Gillian Armstrong; Producer: Chris Curling and Marian Macgowan)
  • December Boys, a family adventure with Daniel Radcliffe and Paz Vega. (Writer: Marc Rosenberg; Director: Rod Hardy; Producer: Richard Becker)
  • Footy Legends, a drama with Claudia Karvan, Anh Do and Emma Lung. (Writers: Anh Do, Khoa Do and Suzanne Do; Director: Khoa Do; Producer: Megan McMurchy)
  • 48 Shades, a teen romance with Richard Wilson, Emma Lung and Robin McLeavy. (Writer/Director: Daniel Lapaine; Producer: Rob Marsala)
  • Gabriel, an action flick with Andy Whitfield and Samantha Noble. (Writers: Shane Abbess and Matt Todd; Director: Shane Abbess; Producers: Shane Abbess, Anna Cridland and Kristy Vernon)
  • Guests, a thriller with Travis Fimmel and Teresa Palmer. (Writer: Dave Warner; Director: David Denneen; Producers: Anna Fawcett, Todd Fellman and Mark Lazarus)
  • Happy Feet, an animated family film from production company Kennedy Miller, directed by George Miller
  • Irresistible, a thriller with Susan Sarandon, Sam Neill and Emily Blunt. (Writer: Ann Turner; Director: Ann Turner; Producers: Tatiana Kennedy and David Parker)
  • Jindabyne, a mystery with Gabriel Byrne, Deborra-Lee Furness, John Howard, Laura Linney and Leah Purcell (Writer: Beatrix Christian; Director: Ray Lawrence; Producer: Catherine Jarman)
  • The Kokoda Film (working title), a war drama with Shane Bourne and William McInnes (Writers: Alister Grierson and John Lonie; Director: Alister Grierson; Producers: Leesa Kahn, Catriona Hughes)
  • Like Minds, an Australia/UK co-production thriller with Toni Collette and Richard Roxburgh (Writer/Director: Gregory J Read; Producers: Jonathan Shteinman, Piers Tempest)
  • Lost and Found, a drama with Rebecca Gibney, Frankie J Holden, Nicholas Hope and Brett Climo. (Writer/Director/Producer: David Blake)
  • M (Macbeth) a drama with Sam Worthington, Lachy Hulme and Mick Molloy. (Writers: Victoria Hill and Geoffrey Wright; Director: Geoffrey Wright; Producer: Martin Fabinyi)
  • Opal Dream, an Australia/UK co-production family film with Vince Colosimo and Jacqueline McKenzie (Writers: Peter Cattaneo, Ben Rice, Phil Traill; Director: Peter Cattaneo; Producers: Lizie Gower, Nick Morris, Emile Sherman)
  • Suburban Mayhem, a comedy with Genevieve Lemon and Steve Bastoni (Writer: Alice Bell; Director: Paul Goldman; Producer: Leah Churchill-Brown)
  • Ten Canoes, a surreal tragi-comedy in the Ganalbingu language (Writer: Rolf de Heer; Director: Rolf de Heer; Producers: Rolf de Heer, Julie Ryan)
  • Voodoo Lagoon, an Australia/UK co-production horror film from producers Martin Brown and Nigel Thomas (Writer/Director Nicholas Cohen)
  • West, a drama with Khan Chittenden, Nathan Phillips, Michael Dorman, Gillian Alexy, David Field, Tim McCunn, Anthony Hayes (Writer/Director Daniel Kridge; Producers Anne Robinson, Matthew Reeder)

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