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20 September 2018
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AFC Announces Development Funding For First Broadband Production Initiative Programs

22 January 2003

Nine programs have been selected for production development funding by the Australian Film Commission (AFC) under its ground-breaking Broadband Production Initiative.

In August 2001 Senator the Hon Richard Alston, Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, provided the AFC with $2.1m over three years to establish a Broadband Content Fund. The fund will finance the production of a number of innovative broadband projects which will be accessible to Australian and international audiences on ABC Online.

Following a nationwide series of seminars to introduce the fund to both the filmmaking and digital interactive media production communities, over 86 applications were received. Following a further round of development work at least three projects will be funded for production. It is expected that the projects will go on-line by mid-2004.

"The quality of the selected projects is exceptional, particularly given the relative infancy of the medium for which they are designed,"said Kim Dalton, Chief Executive of the AFC. "The Broadband Production Initiative will provide Australians with a range of locally-produced digital content and ensure that Australian digital content creators remain at the cutting edge internationally in the highly-competitive and rapidly-developing broadband applications sector."

The projects to receive development funding are:

Alive And Dreaming: An entertaining and educational interactive domain where the audience can enter the world of whales and dolphins.
Key Personnel
Writer/Content Advisors: Scott Taylor
Producers: Wayne Young, Jules Ober, Lance Innes
Graphic Designer: Ian Harrison
Interface Designer/Programmers: Jim Barnes, Karey Patterson

The Dog And Cat News: An interactive website is the official interactive Broadband hub for Blue Rocket's Animated Television series, The Dog and Cat News. It is a broadband, streaming media website for playing interactive games, viewing webisodes and exchanging of information. It will be developed to provide kids with a broadband hub for viewing and interacting in real time within a 3D environment with their favourite cartoon characters from the series.
Key Personnel
Writers: David Gurney, Stephen Davis
Producer: Alicia Rackett
Directors: David Gurney, Stephen Davis
Graphic Designer: Scott Fraser

Dust On My Shoes - An Odyssey of Rough Travel: This is a substantial and ambitious broadband project designed for youth that explores global rough travel through a wide range of media. It will follow the trail of author and wild adventurer, Peter Pinney, who travelled through the Far East and Asia in the late 1940's and examines the changes that have taken place since.
Key Personnel
Writers: Steve Thomas, Melinda Standish
Producers: Kath Symmons, Craig Dow Sainter
Directors: Steve Thomas, Chris Warner
Graphic Designers: Dean De Vries, Raef Sawford

Frogsworld: A broadband experience for primary school children paralleling their world. With three frog hosts, the child explores their physical world and the world of their imagination, navigating easily between the worlds just as they switch between fantasy and reality. The external world explores the natural environment and here the child can learn, exposed, motivated and invited to take action. The internal world provides a place for the child to explore their feelings, share their thoughts and concerns, be challenged to think laterally, be encouraged to find solutions to problems and just have fun. Both worlds constantly collide with the games world.
Key Personnel:
Writers: Ingrid Ludwig, Maureen Sherlock,
Sophie Kennedy White, Kate Kennedy White
Producer: Kate Kennedy White
Creative Director: Gary Venter

Mark and Ben: The rollicking tale of two adventure crazed boys growing up in the Australian suburbs.
Key Personnel
Writer: Matt Taylor
Producer: Andrew Traucki, Mark Strong
Director: Matt Taylor
Graphic Designer: Mark Simpson

The Pure Drop: An interactive online program that explores the worlds of traditional folk and world music. It traces the Australian folk tradition back to its roots in Europe and the Middle East. It is designed for a general audience, with specific application to the secondary and tertiary educational markets. The story is told using online video with interactive enhancements.
Key Personnel
Writer: Thomas Ashelford
Producer: Ron Saunders
Director: Thomas Ashelford
Graphic Designer: Robyn Bernstein

Stickybun: This will be a fun interactive online environment where kids can explore the joys of one of the oldest traditions we have - the art of story telling. It is about making stories and having lots of fun in the process. The activities will lead to a strong understanding of story characters. Stickybun goes to the core of broadband potential. It is alive, interactive, changing, grows through use and can be shared.
Key Personnel:
Writer: Jim Howes
Producer: Tony Wright
Director: Rob Wellington
Graphic Designers: Ole Sturm, Maree Woolley

A Stowaway's Guide To The Pacific: A history of the greatest ocean on earth through the eyes of two curious children as they time travel on the Endeavour.
Key Personnel:
Writer: Claire Jager
Producer: Nell White
Director: Claire Jager, Bruce Permezel
Interface Designer: Steve Saville

The Life And Times Of The Extraordinary Vice-Admiral William Bligh: An exciting interactive biographical website that will comprehensively cover the story of this important man. With a strong narrative, a unique visual interface and strong dramatic components, this site will be of interest to a wide range of people but especially a youth audience.
Key Personnel:
Writers: Daryl Dellora, Rob Wellington
Producers: Sue Maslin
Director: Daryl Dellora

Media Enquiries:
Tracey Mair
TM Publicity
For the Australian Film Commission
Ph: 0419 221 493

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