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24 February 2019
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Project Greenlight Australia launched

One young filmmaker, one million dollars, the opportunity of a lifetime.

MOVIE NETWORK is proud to announce the launch of Project Greenlight Australia, a captivating first time filmmaker competition which will become a 12-part docu-series chronicling the making of a million-dollar budget feature film from the winning script.

MOVIE NETWORK is calling for script submissions from 1 December, via the Project Greenlight Australia website (see link below).

The winning writer/director or filmmaking team, selected via a peer review process and by industry professionals, will be guaranteed $1 million dollars by MOVIE NETWORK to produce their film. The film will be released in cinemas around Australia. MOVIE NETWORK will produce the docu-series and the feature film in conjunction with its production partner Screentime.

Project Greenlight is the creation of Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Chris Moore of LivePlanet. In 2000 they partnered with Miramax Television and Films to produce the hugely successful television Project Greenlight documentary series and the feature film Stolen Summer. There have now been two US series and a third is in production. The first US series of Project Greenlight premieres on MOVIE EXTRA on 1 December at 8.00pm.

Project Greenlight mirrors Affleck and Damon's own Hollywood Cinderella story. Two childhood friends share an apartment in Los Angeles, struggling to break into acting. Unknown after years of hard work and tired of bit parts, they write their own script and star in it. Not only do they get recognised, they become famous and win an Academy Award for Best Screenplay. A dream? Hardly. It's the true story of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. And it is this fairy tale come true that inspired them to team up with American Pie producer Chris Moore, and Miramax Film and Television, to create an opportunity for aspiring filmmakers who need a big break to jump start their dreams.

In Australia, MOVIE NETWORK will run an unprecedented contest to find our most promising undiscovered writer/director. Competition details are via the Project Greenlight Australia website from 10 November 2004.

The submitted screenplays will initially be assessed by other contestants and MOVIE NETWORK will also invite people who don't have the passion to write and direct their own screenplay, but who are still excited by the idea of an active involvement in Project Greenlight Australia, to register as reviewers and participate in the selection process.

The Top 100 screenplays will then be read and assessed by industry professionals. A further selection process will determine the final 50 screenplays. Each Top 50 contestant will be asked to submit a short promotional video pitching themselves as a filmmaker to the Project Greenlight Australia Panel.
The Panel will be comprised of executives from MOVIE NETWORK, our production partner, Screentime, and selected industry professionals. The Panel will choose the final ten contestants who must then direct, film and submit one scene based on their own screenplay.

Following a rigorous interview process, one finalist will be selected as the winner of the Project Greenlight Australia. The winner will be awarded a $1 million production budget and a guaranteed theatrical release.

So all aspiring filmmakers, don't delay start writing now!

MOVIE NETWORKs' Chief Executive Officer Tony Forrest said: 'The reason I know Project Greenlight will work so well for us is that Australia is a nation of 20 million people and 18 million of them want to be filmmakers! Wanting to be a filmmaker has really become part of the Australian culture and Project Greenlight will add another dimension to that culture.

'For MOVIE NETWORK, Project Greenlight is exactly the kind of Australian program we want to invest in - it communicates in a very direct and real way with our audiences, enhances the movie-watching experience, and is a production in which our network can take considerable pride and ownership.'

FOXTEL Chief Executive Kim Williams said 'FOXTEL is pleased to be able support Project Greenlight Australia, a fantastic initiative by MOVIE NETWORK, and another example of the type of unique and innovative programming that is only available on subscription television.

'Project Greenlight Australia will not only provide a rare insight into the incredible process of making a feature film through a television documentary series, but it will also see the dream of a first time filmmaker become reality," he added.

Bob Campbell, Executive Producer for Screentime, said: 'Screentime is delighted to be associated with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's great concept for identifying and nurturing new talent. Project Greenlight is a unique opportunity for Screentime to partner MOVIE NETWORK in an ambitious project and to employ both our entertainment and drama departments in one project. We are confident Project Greenlight will be compelling viewing as the process of the selection of a director or a writer-director team evolves into the making of the feature film. It will also provide the winner with a great one-off opportunity and a huge promotional platform to launch the movie.'

Pre-production at Screentime is underway for Project Greenlight. The production team is Bob Campbell as Executive Producer, David Gould as Producer and Director and Peter Dredge as Associate Producer.

For further information, images or tapes please contact Tracey Mair, TM Publicity, on 0419 221 493 or


MOVIE NETWORK Publicist, Nicole Haraldson, on (02) 9433 1041, 0412 910 739
or at

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