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20 September 2018
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Hands On, a guide to film, TV and new media technology

Currency Press media release (edited version)

Written by Marcus Gillezeau one of Australia's leading experts on the technology revolution in filmmaking, Hands On is written by a practitioner for practitioners. Having worked in the film and television industry since 1986 Marcus has witnessed some of the most significant technological changes in film/TV production: "I am genuinely excited by the potential of technology that will be introduced over the next twenty years", says Marcus, "each breakthrough brings the opportunity to revisit not only how, but what, we create."

Hands On is for established practitioners, emerging practitioners and students who wish to better understand the professional and technical requirements of production and delivery. The book addresses feature-film and short-film production, documentary, TV and new media projects such as websites, CD-ROMs and DVDs.

"Hands On is a MUST HAVE! Full of down to earth, practical advice, it's essential reading prior to shooting that first frame!"
Glenys Rowe, General Manager, SBS Independent

Hands On provides filmmakers with the answers and the practical advice needed to make informed decisions giving them creative empowerment with all their projects. It defines a cyclical production model - read the book for more information - that will save them time and money and has all the latest information on:

  • film and TV technology
  • new media technology
  • funding bodies
  • service providers
  • financing your project
  • budgets
  • new media technology
  • production
  • post-production
  • marketing
  • distribution
  • plus a comprehensive glossary, illustrations and charts and a list of websites.

"Understanding production paths, new technologies and funding opportunities is vital for people serious about getting their projects made, and it's timely to see a publication geared to the Australian film, TV and new media environment."
Kim Dalton, CEO, Australian Film Commission

Marcus has worked in film and television since 1986, beginning as an editor before moving into producing and directing. He is a specialist in digital production technologies and applications and is a principal partner in Firelight Productions. He is best known for the adventure series Afrika: Cape Town To Cairo (ABC). In 2000 he directed Little Dove: Big Voyage (Network 7), a fully convergent, multi-platform documentary project. Other credits include Dreamtime To Dance , a four-part series for ABC, Hell Bento!! (SBS), The Dalton Sisters (ABC) and Painting With Light in a Dark World (SBS and AFC) which won two AFI Awards, an IF Award and an ATOM Award (Best Documentary) in 2003. He has written on film and TV technology for Inside Film Magazine , Encore and Screen Education and lectured at the AFTRS and many other universities and colleges on new media and DV production. In 2001 he completed his Masters in Media at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS).

"It's about realising your creative vision with the right budget, the right people and the right technology."

Since I began in the film and television industry I have witnessed the introduction of digital cameras, computer animation, non-linear sound and picture editing, and more recently web-based tools and interactive TV. In essence, the tools we use to make film and TV have been transformed, and completely new mediums to deliver them, such as the web, CD-ROM and DVD, introduced. Now, with the digitisation of television broadcasting and the introduction of digital cinemas, another era of entertainment, and therefore production technology, is dawning.

Knowing and understanding production and distribution technology is essential for any practitioner, but the apparently endless stream of new technology and terminology can make this a daunting task. The aim of this book is to provide practical guidance to the technology and production paths of the digital era.

Convergence, multi-platform delivery, digital TV, broadband and DVD are just some of the terms that have entered the entertainment and arts industries. As this new technology for production and delivery develops, new ways of conceiving and executing projects are also evolving. One of the best ways to keep up with technological development is to be hands-on with the gear. To get in there and at least have a play with new tools, try them out on productions and, through this, discover new ways of practising your craft.

It is, of course, a given that a great concept can transcend its technical deficiencies. But it is also a great feeling to deliver a well-conceived project that is technically perfect. These are the works that receive the awards and meet with success both critically and financially. They are also the works that last. So what is it that makes a project technically perfect? Craft.
I hope this book will broaden the understanding of our craft and the technology available to the creative vision. Most of all I hope it demystifies that technology, and proves a practical guide for those adept at the production process.

"Three thumbs up - easy to read, relevant and user friendly. Knowledge is power."
Hal McElroy, McElroy Television

Hands On was produced with the financial support of the Industry and Cultural Development Unit of the AFC.

To purchase Hands On, visit the Hands On website or Currency Press website for details on how to order a copy.

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