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21 August 2019
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Mary and Max ventured onto the Regional Digital Screen Network

Screen Australia presented the wonderful Mary And Max on the RDSN in Wagga Wagga Tuesday 28 April, Albany, Hervey Bay, Singleton and Katherine Wednesday 29 April, Devonport and Port Augusta Thursday 30 April and Yarram Saturday 2 May.

Mary And Max is the first feature animation from writer/director Adam Elliot and producer Melanie Coombs since their Oscar winning animated short Harvie Krumpet.

After a successful opening-night premiere at the largest independent cinema festival in the U.S, Sundance Film Festival - a first for an Australian film, Mary And Max continues to travel onwards and upwards taking home a Special Mention in the Generation 14plus program at the 59th Berlin International Film Festival in Germany.

Philip Seymour Hoffman (Capote) is the invigorating voice of Max and joins an all-star Australian voice cast including Oscar Nominee Toni Collette (The Black Balloon, Little Miss Sunshine) as Mary. The film is narrated by Australian legend of stage and screen, Barry Humphries and features cameos from Eric Bana (Love The Beast, Romulus, My Father), singer Renee Geyer, music icon Ian "Molly" Meldrum, Julie Forsyth and John Flaus-both of whom appeared in Harvie Krumpet-and introduces newcomer Bethany Whitmore as young Mary.

Mary And Max is a simple tale of pen-friendship between two very different people; Mary Dinkle, a chubby lonely eight year old girl living in the suburbs of Melbourne, and Max Horovitz, a 44 year old, severely obese, Jewish man with Asperger's Syndrome living in the chaos of New York.

Sometimes perfect strangers make the best friends. As Mary (Collette) grows up, her friendship with Max (Hoffman) endures her fading marriage to Damien (Bana) and one day she finally decides to pay Max a visit.

Spanning 20 years and two continents Mary and Max are drawn together through their confessional letters and survive much more than the average diet of life's ups and downs. Like Harvie Krumpet, Mary And Max is innocent but not naïve, as it takes us on an exhilarating and heart-felt journey that explores friendship, autism, psychiatry, obesity, kleptomania, gender difference, trust, religious difference, agoraphobia and much much more.

"This film explores our desires for acceptance and love, no matter how different we are" … "Max is based on my penfriend in New York whom I have been writing to for twenty years. He is such an interesting person and the creation of this film will be a testimony to him and the Archetypal underdog that so many audiences around the world engage with. He, like Max, has Aspergers. My aim is to not just enlighten the world to Aspies, but to demystify the many misconceptions others have about these people, (even the so called experts)", says Elliot.

"He's not only a gifted animator, but a master storyteller, and this is close to a work of genius" - FILMINK

"A Triumph…Just like Elliot's Oscar-winning short film Harvie Krumpet, Mary and Max is a celebration of the human spirit's battles against all adversity" - ROLLING STONE, 4.5 stars

Rated PG. Film website:

Eric Bana stars in Love The Beast on Screen Australia's RDSN

Screen Australia's RDSN welcomed Eric Bana to the big screen, starring in Love The Beast, Wednesday 18 March in Albany, Hervey Bay, Katherine, Wagga Wagga, Singleton, Saturday 21 March in Yarram, Wednesday 25 March in Port Augusta and Thursday 2 April in Devonport.

As a teenager, Eric Bana dreamed of being a professional racing-car driver. Eric has now cast himself in his very own real life drama: exploring the meaning of a 25-year-long love affair with his first car, a Ford GT Falcon Coupe - "The Beast". This true story follows Eric's progression as a car lover and ultimately the importance of the bonds that form through a common passion. Filmed over 2 years, this heart-felt documentary follows Eric on an unexpectedly emotional journey from inside the racecar to the surreal world of the red carpet as he considers the importance of family, friends and what it means to keep your dreams alive. Love The Beast is full of affection and the defining moments in life.

"The most difficult part of making this film was trying to explain to people that I was making a film about a car, that wasn't a "car" film. As much as I am obsessed with all things mechanical, the thing that I was interested in was that objects, in this case a car, can transcend their materialness", states Bana.

Eric opened his garage door one day and sitting there, right in front of him, was the film he had been searching for. After years of precious restoration, Eric and his 3 closest friends, decided to enter the car into one of the most gruelling and dangerous motor races that exists: The Targa Tasmania Rally. This would be a personal Everest for both man and machine, until...on day 4 of the race, tragedy strikes. We follow Eric's progression as a car lover and the personal and social pressures that mount up in the face of rebuilding a car that means so much to him. Along the way Eric seeks guidance and wisdom from not only the inner sanctum of his 3 life long friends but also Jay Leno (NBC's The Tonight Show), Jeremy Clarkson (Top Gear), and legendary daytime talk show host Dr. Phil.

"We go through a lot of twists and turns as people, and very few things have the ability to stay constant in our lives. The fact that my car had survived this most tumultuous period of a man growing up, told me that the story would need to be as much about how we as humans relate to the world around us, and its changes, as it would about anything. The car had become a campfire for me and three of my closest friends", says Bana.

Love The Beast was filmed mostly in Eric's hometown, Melbourne, giving the film a homespun feel. It is a directorial debut for the star of movies such as The Castle, Chopper, Black Hawk Down, Hulk, Steven Spielberg's Munich, Romulus, My Father and most recently The Other Boleyn Girl with Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson and Lucky You co-starring Drew Barrymore. Eric Bana is one of Australia's most successful actors working extensively both in Australia and internationally amongst some of the world's finest directors and brightest stars.

Love The Beast features a superb soundtrack of mainly Australian music including INXS, Powderfinger, James Reyne and Bernard Fanning.

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Rated M.
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Mary in Mary and Max

Max in Mary and Max

Mary and Max

Love The Beast

Love The Beast