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  Annual Report 1999/2000 (complete document) (pdf file - 1.7mb)


The Australian Film Commission (pdf file - 84k)

Abbreviations and Acronyms (pdf file - 62k)

Letter from the Chair (pdf file - 48k)

Commissioner Profiles (pdf file - 189k)

Bob Maza, 1939-2000 (pdf file - 98k)

Executive Overview (pdf file - 171k)

Organisation Chart as at 30 June 2000 (pdf file - 74k)
  Operations Reports
Film Development and Marketing (pdf file - 329k)
  Development and Production
  Interactive Media
  Indigenous Program

Industry and Cultural Development (pdf file - 236k)

Policy, Research and Information (pdf file - 243k)

Finance and Administration (pdf file - 219k)

Statutory Reports (pdf file - 221k)
Appendix 1 - Enabling Legislations (pdf file - 86k)

Appendix 2 - Publications (pdf file - 78k)

Appendix 3 - Access and Equity (pdf file - 78k)

Appendix 4 - Biennial Performance Overview of ICD-funded Organisations (pdf file - 72k)

Appendix 5 - Applications Statistics (pdf file - 44k)

Appendix 6 - Assessors and Consultants (pdf file - 80k)

Appendix 7 - Industry Assistance

(pdf file - 129k)
  Financial Statements    
Audit Report on Financial Statements (pdf file - 62k)

Certification of the Financial Statements (pdf file - 75k)

Operating Statement (pdf file - 56k)

Statement of Financial Position (Assets and Liabilities) (pdf file - 54k)

Statement of Cash Flows (pdf file - 71k)

Notes to and Forming Part of the Financial Statements (pdf file - 156k)
Index (pdf file - 99k)


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