The Annual Report is available in pdf (Portable Document Format). The report can be downloaded as a single file which is 1.2MB, or in chapters. See the Table of Contents.

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Download the Whole Report

pdf icon 1998-1999 Annual Report (in pdf format 1.2MB)

Table of Contents

pdf icon Cover
Letter of Transmission (Chair's Letter)
Summary of Reporting Requirements
Adoption of Report of Operations
Enabling Legislation
Report of Operations
Judicial Decisions and External Reviews
Effects of Ministerial Direction
Indemnities and Insurance premiums
Service Charter
Outline of organisational structure including locations
Commissioner Profiles and Attendance
Audit Committee and Attendance
(in pdf format 172k)
pdf icon Executive Summary (in pdf format 56k)
pdf icon Film & Television (in pdf format 316k)
pdf icon Industry & Cultural Development (in pdf format 60k)
pdf icon Interactive Media (in pdf format 60k)
pdf icon Indigenous Representation (in pdf format 72k)
pdf icon Market Expansion (in pdf format 80k)
pdf icon Information Services (in pdf format 68k)
pdf icon Industry Collaboration (in pdf format 100k)
pdf icon Work Practice (in pdf format 100k)
pdf icon Resource Efficiency (in pdf format 44k)
pdf icon Commercial Television Production Fund
Summary of Cash Receipts and Payments
(in pdf format 76k)
pdf icon Financial Statements - Australian Film Commission (in pdf format 76k)
pdf icon Financial Statements - Commercial Television Production Fund (in pdf format 76k)
pdf icon Appendix A - Market Expansion: Awards
Appendix B - Market Expansion: Special Events
Appendix C - Publications
Appendix D - Access & Equity
Appendix E - Application Statistics
Appendix F - Film Development Assessors and AFC Consultants
(in pdf format 76k)
pdf icon Appendix G - Funding
Film & Television
Screen Culture
Interactive Media
Indigenous Representation
Market Expansion
Information Services
Industry Collaboration
(in pdf format 68k)

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